April 2009


A while ago, we already reported in detail about a lawsuit that took place in Kentucky. The governor of Kentucky seized 141 domain names which had something to do with gambling.  However the judge decided that the governor of Kentucky didn’t have any jurisdiction about domain names. You can read the complete ruling here.

Despite this ruling, Minnesota also wants to block domain names which have something to do with gambling. As we speak, the state of Minnesota is trying to convince 11 internetproviders to block approximately 200 websites that offer gambling devices. In Minnesota, online gambling is forbidden, even if the websites with the gambling games are hosted outside the United States.

However, lots of people think that this law, which forbid gambling, is dated and can’t be applied on internetproviders. The law came into force before the Internet even existed and can’t be applied on the Internet, they say. Probably to be continued.

A study done by Toptechworld showed that websites ending on the .hk extension (Hong Kong) are the most dangerous to surf to. The study analyzed 10 million frequently visit sites in 265 countries. 19,2% of all websites ending on .hk were a security threat for the visitors of those websites. The .hk extension is followed by the .cn domain (China) that takes the second place with 11%.

Next to the most dangerous extensions, the study of Toptechworld also revealed that .fi (Finland) en .jp (Japan) are the safest extensions. Websites ending on those extensions are the safest for their visitors.

sombreroAs we mentioned before, the pre-registration period for .mx names starts pretty soon. This phase starts on May 1st but as from today you can pre-register your .mx domain name.

However during this pre-registration period there are some restrictions. Only the current owners of a Mexican domain name (for instance,,…) can register this name under the .mx extension. The name you want to register under .mx needs to be exactly the same as your current Mexican domain name. Moreover your current Mexican domain name needs to be registered before March 1st 2009.

The pre-registration period ends on July 31st 2009 and will be followed by the quiet period and the initial period. The quiet period starts on August 1st and last a month. During this phase, applications from the pre-registration period will be processed further. On September 1st the initial period begins and ends on October 31st. During this two months, everyone who wishes to do so, can register a .mx domain name. The applications will be treated on a first come, first served basis.

Last year SIDN (.nl registry) registered a growth of 18% new registrations for the .nl domain. In 2008, 495.673 new .nl names were registered. At the end of 2008, the total amount of registered .nl domains was 3.191.127. Moreover, it turned out that the Netherlands have the highest domain name concentration in the world. Per 100 inhabitants, 28 domain names are registered. Just to compare, in Belgium 9 domain names per 100 inhabitants are registered.

The .nl extension is also doing very well worldwide. It is the 4th biggest extension in the world among the country extensions after .cn (China), (United Kingdom) and .de (Germany). Moreover .nl seems also to be very popular among individuals. Of all the registered .nl domains, 38% are registered by individuals. Of course it’s quite clear that individuals are a very important growth segment for .nl

Pretty soon it will be possible to register names under the .eg domain. The Egyptian registry is releasing this toplevel domain. Allthough we don’t know all the restrictions for this extension yet, it is already very clear that registering a domain name under .eg will only be possible for some happy few.

One of the already known conditions for registering a name under this extension, is that the company which apllies for a domain name must have been active in Egypt for at least 15 years. We don’t know yet what the other conditions will be but it’s quite clear that only a very limited group of people will be able to apply for a name under the .eg domain.

On May 1st, it will be possible again to register names under the .mx extension. The domain will be released in three phases.

1) The pre-registration period: This period starts May 1st 2009 and ends July 31st 2009

During this period the owners of a domain name under an Mexican extension (,,,…) can register their name under the .mx extension. The domain name you wish to register needs to be exactly the same as your current domain name. If their are 2 applications for the same name (for instance someone has a name registered under the domain and someone else has the same name registered under the domain), priority will be given to the domain name with the oldest creation date. So if the name is registered in 2006 and the name is registered in 2005, the owner of the name will receive the .mx name.

2) The quiet period: This period starts August 1st 2009 and ends August 31st 2009

During this period, no more applications will be accepted. The applications done during the pre-registration period which still have a pending status will be further processed.

3) The initial registration period: This period starts September 1st 2009 and ends October 31st 2009

During this period, everyone who wishes, can register a name under the .mx domain. During this period the first come, first served principle is applied.

The .be registry ( just registered the 900,000th .be name. It’s about the name The name is linked to the website of a Belgian artist.

‘At the beginning of 2009, 860,000 names were registered, today 900,000. so that’s an average of a bit more than 10,000 names each month,’ says Hans Seeuws, spokesman of ‘Of course we’re very happy that the financial and economic crisis doesn’t withdraw people from registering a .be name. Further more 70% of all the .be websites are situated in Belgium, meaning that lots of people are familiar with the .be extension,’ adds Seeuws. ‘Of course we’re delighted about that,’ he ends.

In a previous post, we already said there was a conflict between the owner of and believed that the Dutchman, Mike Kolart, abused his domain name to create confusion and save money from ads. Kolart, however, denied this and said he had already registered the domain name before there was such a thing like When Kolart refused a hugh amount of money, offered by to buy his domain name, brought the case before WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organisation).

Meanwhile WIPO ruled in favor of This judgement was based on two reasons. Firstly the domain name was linked to a forum or to Secondly, WIPO doesn’t agree on the fact that Kolart registered the domain name in June 2005. According the documents of the .nl registry (SIDN) the domain name was registered in September 2007. However, in 2007, facebook was already worldknown.

Based on this two reasons, WIPO means that Kolart registered the domain name in bad faith. He also can’t prove he has a legitimate interest in this domain name. Therefore the domain name needs to be contributed to within 10 days.

‘I really don’t know how to react on this ruling,’ says Kolart. ‘What WIPO says isn’t right. I can prove that I have the domain name in my possession since 2005. I can submit invoices proving this,’ adds Kolart. He doesn’t intend to appeal against this ruling. ‘I’ve already lost a lot of money just by paying lawyers,’ says Kolart, ‘I’d like to appeal but I’m afraid to loose even more money,’ he adds. If Kolart would lose his appeal, he won’t only have to pay his lawyers’ costs but also those of Facebooks lawyers.

Pretty soon there will be held two auctions for premium .me names. the first auction starts on April 23th and ends on April 29th. The second auction begins on May 14th and runs until May 20th. Everyone who wishes to do so, can bid on the names that are offered. Some examples of the offered names are, en Here you’ll find a complete list of all the names you can bid on during the first auction in April.

bNamed now accepts pre-registration for both auctions. If you’d like to bid on a name during the April auction, you can still sign up until April 20th.

The second auction will take place in May. If you wish to sign up for this auctions, you still can do so until May 11th. Some examples of names that will be offered during this auction are:, en Here you’ll find a complete overview of all the names you can bid on during the auction in May.