September 2008


bNamed has reduced the price for a .it name permanently with 30%. If you register a new name, you now pay € 24.50, which is the same price as those for most other European extensions.

Because of our growing volume we’ve been able to become direct .it registrar. This means that we can register all our .it names directly at the .it registry. This has enabled us to reduce the price of .it names permanently.

A fun trivia is also that .it names aren’t only registered as a country extension of Italy. In firms IT departments also make ample use of this extension!

Everyone makes typing mistakes sometimes and it’s this kind of mistakes from which typo pirates benefit. How does it work? Typo pirates register a name that greatly resembles a well-known domain name. When you type a mistake, you’ll end up on the wrong site which is often cluttered with advertising. This is the way typo pirates earn their money.

Recently we have seen that also .be, .nl, and .eu names are increasingly victimised by this form of Internet piracy. In addition, this form of piracy is also becoming more omnipresent. Last year, the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) received lots of complaints from famous people and companies who became the victim of typo piracy. Some businesses even register the company name of their competitor as typo name, hoping the customers of their competitor will come to them.

bNamed recommends that you consider carefully the registration of  a new domain name. Choose a clear name, a name that is easy to spell and where there can be no doubt about the way the name is spelled. If a misunderstanding about the way your name is spelled can arise, you can always play it safe and register a number of variations of your name and link them to your own website.

A good example of a poorly thought out domain name is, for example This name can be written in many different ways. Therefore, we have taken our precautions and also registered and and linked them to our own website!

With a .tel name, the .tel registry offers an opportunity to companies and individuals to bring together their contact information and make it available in an efficient way. Via a .tel domain name all your contact information is grouped under 1 easy to remember name. Your address with directions, your phone and fax number, your e-mail, your mobile phone number,… all this information can be found under this name.

Below you will find more information about the sunrise and landrush for .tel names.

1) The sunrise period starts on Wednesday, December 3, 2008 and runs until Monday, February 2, 2009. During this period, holders of a registered brand name can register this name as a .tel domain name.

During the sunrise, the selection method is first come, first served principle. If you wish to register  a .tel name during the sunrise period, the domain name needs to be registered for at least 3 years.

2) After the sunrise follows the landrush. This period starts on Tuesday, February 3 and runs until Monday, March 23.  Anyone who wishes to do so can register a .tel name during the landrush. The selection method is the “first come, first served” principle and a .tel name registered during the landrush needs to be registered for at least 3 years.

If you register a .tel name during the landrush, you pay a higher price.  However, if you want to increase your chances to register a certain domain name, the best thing to do, is try to register it during the landrush, since the first come, first served principle applies.

3) After the land rush, so from March 24, 2009, .tel names can be registered by everyone at the standard price for a period of 1 year.

Prices for .tel names are still unknown. As soon as we receive more information on this, we’ll inform you about it. has reduced the price for domain names under. ba to € 99 for the first year and € 79 for each subsequent year. Moreover, free “local presence” was added to this extension. Through this local presence, names under .ba can also registered by companies from outside Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The conditions for registration are thus limited to the requirement that the owner of the name must be a firm and a maximum of 20 .ba names is imposed per company.

More information on registering a domain name under .ba on