July 2022


The American webshop Amazon starts a platform in Belgium and chooses an original name:

The well-known webshop has now decided to focus also on the Belgian market. Previously, Belgian customers could already order via, for example, or, where they also receive further assistance in Dutch or French, but now there will be a webshop specifically for Belgium. was chosen for the Belgian webshop. Amazon didn’t just buy that specific address, but the whole of That name was previously owned by a company from Sint-Niklaas that tried to market it without much success as an alternative extension for Belgium and Brazil.

As far as we could tell, only a handful of sites existed under the domain, but these sites have all disappeared in the meantime. It seems that former sites under were mainly used by Brazilian companies and individuals to catch typos of names.

The name has been in the hands of Baloise Insurance for years, which offers insurance under the name “Amazon insurance”. They clearly could not be convinced to sell this name. That is why amazon has started looking for an alternative.

The Belgian webshop of Amazon would be launched in the coming months. Amazon’s first website under their new domain is active at

Soon a new extension will be released, the .kids domain. Children are the future, a huge cliché but a truism. An own extension for this target group was therefore inevitable. With a .kids domain name you can go in many directions.

Do you sell children’s clothing? Do you organize children’s camps or children’s parties? Are you committed to the mental well-being of children? Do you support children’s rights organizations? Can children come and play sports at your club? Do you have a toy store? Do you write children’s books or make TV shows for children? Do you have any great tips for kid-friendly menus? Or are you, as a parent, just very proud of your children? All perfect reasons to register a .kids domain name.

Obviously .kids domain names may not be used for purposes that are not considered safe for children. This means that content related to pornography, tobacco, alcohol, drugs, gambling and gross violence, among other things, is not allowed.

The release of the .kids extension will take place in several phases.

1) Sunrise: August 11, 2022 to September 14, 2022
To register a name during the sunrise, you must own a registered trademark that is registered with the TradeMark ClearingHouse. The domain name you wish to register must exactly match the registered trademark.

2) Community sunrise: September 20, 2022 to October 19, 2022
To register a domain name during the community sunrise, you must be a non-profit organization or (charity) institution that stands up for children’s rights, child welfare, children’s well being or education.

3) Pioneer domain sunrise: October 19 to November 29, 2022
If you wish to register a name during the pioneer domain sunrise, you must submit a concise proposal (less than 200 words) confirming that the domain will adhere to the .kids guidelines. A domain name registered during the pioneer sunrise must be actively used within 60 working days.

4) General availability: from November 29, 2022
From now on, anyone who wishes to do so can register a .kids domain name.

You can register a .kids domain name quickly and easily via We also offer you the option to pre-register your .kids domain name now.